How Your Credibility and Witness Credibility Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

In personal injury claims, credibility plays a vital role. Insurance providers will do everything to tear down the credibility of the injured victim and their witnesses whose testimony supports their story. If you sustained injuries due to the negligence of another party, you need reliable Georgia legal experts who can protect your rights and credibility against attacks from insurance companies. A good attorney knows how insurers think and the common tactics they employ when handling claims. 

Importance of Your Credibility for Your Claim

A credible personal injury victim is trustworthy and honest. If a jury or judge believes you are credible, they may sympathize with you. This may result in you getting more compensation. 

If an insurance adjuster believes you are a credible victim, they may try to settle the claim as quickly as possible by making a settlement offer. Insurers would usually choose to settle claims instead of taking them to court due to the related costs and complexities. Unfortunately, these initial offers are way lower than the worth of your claim. 

What Can Discredit You?

Some factors can damage your credibility as a claimant. These include inconsistent statements, a criminal record or previous driving conviction, a reputation for lying or exaggerating, financial issues like debt, and several insurance claims. Also, any pre-existing condition may impact your credibility, especially if you fail to disclose it.

Importance of Witness Credibility

Testimonies given by credible witnesses usually carry significant weight in injury claims. Witnesses who are not related to anybody involved in your accident can provide an objective perspective. For the jury, these witnesses don’t have a vested interest in your claim’s outcome. 

But some witnesses are not credible. Some witnesses may not be close enough to see the accident or just see the aftermath of the accident. Their statements may not be credible, so a jury may not take them seriously. 

How Insurance Companies Attack Credibility

As insurance companies try to discredit you, they may argue that you did not get prompt medical attention or failed to follow the orders of your doctor. Also, they may follow you on social media to find something that they can use against you. For instance, if they can find pictures of you being happy and looking uninjured, they can use this to attack the credibility of your claims. 

No matter how an insurance company will attack your credibility or the credibility of your witnesses, an experienced personal injury attorney will substantiate your claims. Your attorney will find evidence to counter the attacks of the insurance company. 

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